Partner, Simon Fisher

Simon started in the building game at 17yrs old. Midway through A levels and needing a part time job, he started helping his Uncle (himself a very good carpenter and local builder) whenever he needed a hand with anything. Eventually his Uncle offered him a job as a labourer for the summer and his fate was sealed. Simon dropped out of his studies and stayed employed with his uncle for the next seven years. The work was hard and nothing like he had imagined himself doing for a career but he always enjoyed himself and slowly learnt the ropes under his Uncle and also under Craig who was employed with him.
Simon become very proficient at building, he was involved from an early age at all aspects of carpentry, bricklaying, groundworks, roofing, maintenance etc. He paid his dues by starting at the bottom when he was young but was lucky enough to learn the skills needed from other experienced workers to become a competent tradesman and businessman today. 
Partner, Craig Spooner

Craig left school at 16yrs old to complete an apprenticeship with his Fathers building firm. Craigs Father worked exclusively for the national trust, english heritage, Church of England and local parishes doing specialist stonemasonary and period building work. Craig spent years working and learning under his Father before his retirement. He then chose to take a job with a carpenter and builder to further his skill set.
Craig has an amazing knowledge of all aspects of building work. He has spent all of his adult life working within the construction industry, running jobs of every size and description. He is the consumate tradesman and his standard of work and experience are second to none.

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